A 30-minute flight from Delhi brings you to into Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand, set in the gently rolling landscape of the Shivaliks. A scenic one-hour drive from the airport takes you through lovely sal forests. You bypass the town of Rishikesh and arrive on the traversing valley road towards your destination, The Foresterie.


For millennia, the sacred course of the Ganga, spanning over 2500 kms, has fed the veins of a sprawling nation. Through the mountains and the plains, it is the carrier of faith for millions. But it is in the former that it flows through its most pristine stretches, as it hurtles to meet the plains at Rishikesh. Here, nestled in four acres of protected forest, lie our two homes, built with thoughtfulness and designed to reimagine luxury. We call it the Foresterie.

The Foresterie at Atali